HIGHEST MONTHLY STATS ARE AS FOLLOWS!!! ---------- Victories/Battles Ratio IronCross 64.93% :thumb: ---------- Average damage per battle Albanian_Devil87 1,122 :rolls: ---------- Average Experience per Battle Bidyoufarewell 626 ---------- Average Vehicles Destroyed per Battle IronCross 1.36 ---------- Average battles per day Fadoony 37 ---------- CONGRADULATIONS :idea: ---------- Please welcome our newest recruit :lol:
Promotions and Decorations
Leafss has been promoted to Combat officer
Stubs has been promoted to Combat officer
IronCross has become the clan's new recruiting officer
Selcooper has been promoted to Personnel Officer
Ironcoss has become our new Senior QM
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Unknown User  added 90 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
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panzerGreiftLike the new banner .
Once again Thanks Hammer
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IronCrossIV   its cool man nice!!
panzerGreiftTeamspeak has been re configured . thanks Hammer
panzerGreiftSome changes of note .... most inactive players have been kicked to the curb, after lengthy absences or failure to play with clan members ( see clan motto )... IronCross will assume the primary recruiting space with all our support . Stubs and Leafss have been promoted to Combat officers in charge of Team battles and maybe even Strongholds one day . Thank you for your input and support gentlemen. PzFor move forward !
panzerGreiftTeamspeak will hold up to 20 people now .
All those who wish to start team battles will now find sufficient room to do so . I t is hoped that through participation in these battles we can facilitate further recruitment .It is my wish that we will soon have the problem of not enough spaces at 20 . greift
Hammer   added 90 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
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DrachimKing Tiger
Drachim   uploaded an image to Marks of Excellence
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IronCrossIV8 kills wow
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IronCrossIVI shoot I miss !
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Teamspeak Server
Status updated Jan 1, 70
Happy New year, guys
wtf TS
WikingGott has been awarded the Staff Officer medal, and will be the main point of contact for the PZFOR reorganization.