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panzerGreiftsay goodbye to another decent German tank Goodbye Jagdtiger thanks wargaming
Hammer   added 30 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
panzerGreift   Thanks Hammer
HammerGirls on a rampage!!
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panzerGreift   Hammer Down !
selcooperthis was the tie breaker
Aethelmearc vs Ealdormere Tie Breaker
Pennsic 44 Ten Man Melee Tournament - Tie Breaker between Ae...
selcooperround 1 they got us round 2 bellow then there was a tie breaker have not seen the video on it yet
Aethelmearc vs Ealdormere 1
Pennsic 44 Ten Man Melee Tournament - Aethelmearc vs Ealdorm...
selcooperunbelts battle
round 2 smoked em this time
Aethelmearc vs Ealdormere 2
Pennsic 44 Ten Man Melee Tournament - Aethelmearc vs Ealdorm...
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We'll I finally finished light campaign, now the proud owner of a stug 4!!!!!
E 25 's lasts days to be sold ....maybe forever
Read the motto
Great set of pics Hammer the bicycle with the panzerfaust
Wargaming support's fair play .... sorry about your connection
Promotions and Decorations
Selcooper has been promoted to Personnel Officer
Ironcoss has become our new Senior QM
Baroness is PzFors Combat officer
Hammer has become our Deputy Commander
VonDerp has been appointed PZFOR"S Quartermaster .
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