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Drachim   created a new thread The basic art of side-scrapping in the Training Center forum
Baroness84the basic art of side-scrapping. learn this and maximize your health pool. Get used to this and make it second nature. best of luck and good tanking
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Drachim   Thank you for sharing the info. Unfortunately these info can be seen by everyone, even unregistered users! If there are intersting informations that should not be visible public -> please post it at the forums. I created a thread (see above). Since I dont want to delete the post, it will still be visible... NEXT TIME: FORUMS!!!
panzerGreift   some day I will remember this small detail ; while moving , with sights in sniper mode,lagging around 720 ping , one beer handicap..... checking the angle of my armour is more important than my reload speed ....... thanks Baroness for this simple but effective illustration
panzerGreiftWelcome to PzFor Leocan . We are happy to have you join our clan and look forward to tanking with you again
HammerGot It!!
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panzerGreift   one bad ass looking td .....congrats on the long grind Hammer
Baroness84   joined Panzer Forces
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Panzer Forces has reached a new record of 30 registered users today!
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panzerGreiftPlease keep posts relevant to apolitical mechanized forces .....We do not run ANY flags or banner here but PZFOR colours . Thanks Commander panzergreift
panzerGreiftstuck and f@*!%*
panzerGreiftA couple of Tigers in Malinovka
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