Hammer   added 30 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
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panzerGreift   What would we do without Hammer .... My thanks and for all PzFor
fadoonydecent game
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panzerGreift   Outstanding game Fadony
IronCrossIV   wow right on dude!
Drachim   uploaded an image to Marks of Excellence
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IronCrossIVAfter all that me VS two artys and I had 7hp lol
panzerGreift   amazing job Iron
HammerHammer Down !!
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panzerGreiftValkyrie thanks for showing me this great link . Lots of good Stugs plus others .Worth checking out .
Reference-pictures of vehicles and equipment used by the Finnish Armoured Forces during WWII
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IronCrossIVhi guys got my steam up and running so add me if you have it
Hammer   added 30 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
Bidyoufarewell   registered to Panzer Forces
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panzerGreift   Bid you Hello from the crew in the clan
Hammer and Hammer   added a total of 37 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
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Steve Earle was in Z├╝rich - best gig ever wtf best ever ...
We'll I finally finished light campaign, now the proud owner of a stug 4!!!!!
E 25 's lasts days to be sold ....maybe forever
Read the motto
Great set of pics Hammer the bicycle with the panzerfaust
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