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PUNISHER989   created a new thread Indien Panzer greatness in the Replay Booth forum
DrachimNew TS Server online, link is updated...
It gonna take some time to fully adjust the server.

Happy talking...
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panzerGreift   Drachim on the move
panzerGreift   ja
panzerGreiftClan officer meeting this week to deal with TS issue . Drachim and Hammer please post next available times . In the interim other clan websites are available to us... PZABT and Fiend Gaming plus possibly others .This website will suffice for communication until this is resolved . Forward
Drachim   OK: 2 possible Solutions mumble or TS - both integrated into Website!

I will start a TS serve first - Offiziersmesse at the Weekend... Now ist for free but limited to 5 user...
Hammer   Im good most evenings after 6pm and Friday night usually
PUNISHER989   created a new thread VK4502P ACE in the Replay Booth forum
Drachim   created a new thread WOT 9.3 - German tier VIII light tank Ru 251 in the Patch Notes forum
PUNISHER989   created a new thread For the record 8-27-2014 in the Gameplay Discussion forum
Drachim   created a new thread Panzerkleinzerstörer "Rutscher" (small Tankdestroyer... in the German Tanks forum
Drachim   added 90 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
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