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Stubs has been promoted to Combat officer
IronCross has become the clan's new recruiting officer
Selcooper has been promoted to Personnel Officer
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HammerBought Rheinmetall Skorpion G Friday Night, Tuesday night 1st mark of Excellence...... HAMMER DOWN!!
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HammerOperation T55 A TD-15 mission completed. BaNg bAnG BOOOM
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panzerGreift   Heck of a grind Hammer . Congrats !
HammerOperation T55 A SPG-15 mission completed. Gotta new girl please say hello to Heidi
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panzerGreiftkicked non compliant recruits to the curb today ... 2 are gone ... ts or don't waste our time . Thanks Greift
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Hammer   Who got curbed?
panzerGreiftAchtung New Recruits !!!! How are you making out getting teamspeak ?........any issues clan members will gladly walk you through the process.......thanks Greift
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Hammer   OMG Really
IronCrossIVIn BC i got my first DEUTSCHER FUSSBALL-BUND and its awesome!
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panzerGreift   Wunderbar................. whatever it is ..... it sounds kinda German-like possibly maybe ....
IronCrossIV   Its stained i ate a hot dog DAM
panzerGreiftNew recruits ..... teamspeak is required . If you don't have it please get it and a working mic in the first 60 days or you are gone . Full stop . Period . It is a requirement for clan membership
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Hammer   REALLY
IronCrossIV   What why??
IronCrossIVhi guys im working in BC the internet is shit l be back soon.
any one in the clan in BC
panzerGreift   No prob Iron . Thanks for posting
panzerGreifta decent hi res wallpaper
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panzerGreift   added 90 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
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