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Bidyoufarewell   registered to Panzer Forces
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panzerGreift   Bid you Hello from the crew in the clan
Hammer and Hammer   added a total of 37 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
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stubs19_6   registered to Panzer Forces
HammerEveryone please welcome Easter Bunny aka "Stubs" to the clan! Welcome aboard!!
Fri at 1:01 ยท Comment
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leafss   registered to Panzer Forces
HammerEveryone please welcome Leafss to the clan! Welcome aboard
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panzerGreift   Good to have you with us Leafss
PUNISHER989Sup all, good to see you all still being awesome and keeping Panzer Force alive. 07
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panzerGreift   Thanks Punisher
Good to hear from you
panzerGreiftsay goodbye to another decent German tank Goodbye Jagdtiger thanks wargaming
Hammer   added 30 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
panzerGreift   Thanks Hammer
HammerGirls on a rampage!!
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panzerGreift   Hammer Down !
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We'll I finally finished light campaign, now the proud owner of a stug 4!!!!!
E 25 's lasts days to be sold ....maybe forever
Read the motto
Great set of pics Hammer the bicycle with the panzerfaust
Wargaming support's fair play .... sorry about your connection
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Baroness is PzFors Combat officer
Hammer has become our Deputy Commander
VonDerp has been appointed PZFOR"S Quartermaster .
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