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Leafss has been promoted to Combat officer
Stubs has been promoted to Combat officer
IronCross has become the clan's new recruiting officer
Selcooper has been promoted to Personnel Officer
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Heinz__GuderianLove my Nashorn too
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Hammer   Great German Armor
Heinz__GuderianLove my Toaster
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HammerYa Ba Da Ba DOOO!!! HaMMerMer DOWN
panzerGreift   added 30 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
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Heinz__GuderianClan Wars On Hold.

It looks like we need just a hand full more members to be active enough. We were just scraping by with enough players and lacking on other times. BUT, I do see a lot of potential with our guys. Keep grinding guys, you're doing well and being competitive.

Keep an eye out for others who enjoy their German vehicles and we should be able to start participating more competitively once we have 4-5 more active members. :)
Heinz__GuderianClan Wars rescheduled to 10/18/16. I screwed up the chip placement and placed in the wrong time zone. 8pm on Tuesday is the rescheduled landing. Sorry for the confusion.
Heinz__Guderian   Map Selection: Please comment the preferred map. Whichever map gets the most votes we will land on.

Hammer   ruinberg
Hauptmann_Voss205   ruinberg, Im off work now so I'll be on for the game
Heinz__GuderianWe lost our first battle 10/16/16. Unfortunately we did not advance further to try and make a bid for the land. Still a great learning experience for the clan. Once we get more members we should be able to regularly field a full team. o/ o/

All of our tanks remain unlocked, so we will try again on another map tomorrow at the same time. 8PM Clan Wars. 10/17/16.
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Heinz__Guderian   I apologize as I was mistaken on the time zone I had selected. The battle was at 7PM Eastern Time. I have rescheduled for tomorrow.
panzerGreiftClan Wars battle tonight at 8pm Eastern
Sun . Oct 16 thanks greift
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Hammer   Achtung! Achtung! Achtung! CLAN WARS tonight don't be late!!
IronCrossIVAchtung! Achtung! Welcome all new recruits to PzFor .Teamspeak is Must! ....please set it up within 90 days ... we are Kampfgruppe Iron. Fight on! Not one step back!
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HammerHammer drops Anvil Ba BooM
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