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PUNISHER989   created a new thread For the record 8-27-2014 in the Gameplay Discussion forum
Drachim   created a new thread Panzerkleinzerstörer "Rutscher" (small Tankdestroyer... in the German Tanks forum
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HammerAslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.3.8.4_92_v1 latest upload to Dateispeicher
panzerGreiftThanks Hammer for the help with the XVM modpack...I would recommend this for all players. World of Difference
Hammer   added 30 Advanced days to Panzer Forces
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panzerGreift   Thanks Hammer
Drachim   created a new thread Why a World of fantasy Tank in tier 10? in the German Tanks forum
Derpy_Birdy1Kameraden, it hurts me deeply to say this but, i must resign from the clan, things aren't as lively as they once where and i dont think we can retake that initiative on gaining members and i also kinda cant afford to pay for our Teamspeak (which is kind of a big deal as im dirt poor pretty much) but dont let my leaving dishearten you, your all strong capable commanders and I have no doubts you will make it without me, speaking of commanders PanzerGreift is now acting CO i want you all to give him your utmost respect for his taking of this position and i want to thank the clan for all their support (literally in some cases) and hope that we can all continue our efforts of ruining ivans day, i sure as hell will be, so things as they are, i bid you farewell and i leave the fate of this clan in your capable hands- Derpy
panzerGreift   Salut Derpy
panzerGreift   Members of PZFOR . The clan officer structure has changed to reflect the clan's foundations.....Lolalty , Comradeship and the abilty to have fun. With this in mind I have appointed Drachim as Deputy Commander and Hammer as Company Commander.This clan owes a great deal to those who came before us ... the website and Teamspak required a lot of work not to mention those who had the faith to take us on in the beginning. I am proud to be a member of this clan and look forward to the days ahead. Any concerns , ideas or problems can be brought to Drachim , Hammer or myself . Long Live PZFOR !
DrachimBest arty match ever...
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panzerGreift   Amazing job Drachim ! Most kills I have ever seen anyone do in an arty..
Drachim   well, today Topgun in my Wespe...Should I stop playing other tanks ?
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