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Welcome To PZFOR

VonDerp a posted Nov 9, 13

Sounds of sporadic rifle fire break across the ridge line. In the distance, the deep rumble of American heavy artillery echoes up and down the valley. The Allied offensive is about to begin!. Strung out behind the lead German tank is a motley column of worn panzers and tired, but experienced, German infantry. This is all that is left to plug the breach in the front lines . . . Outnumbered, outgunned, the odds would seem heavily against the battered German Kampfgruppe and they would be, except for the lone, solitary figure on top of the lead Tiger tank . This man is the Kampfgruppe Commander. He has seen every major action in the war; France, 1940; Russia, 1941; Tunisia, 1942; Sicily and Italy, 1943; and now, in 1944, he defends Fortress Europe from the Allied Invasion. He is the panzer commander. 

This Is The Home Of Panzer Forces

Our Clan And Our Mission

Panzer Forces is a clan within the World of Tanks community.  We are an organization of apolitical enthusiasts of history, with an appreciation for Military Science, rather than Political Science.  We have chosen to portray combat tankers of Germany within a military organization set in the mid-20th Century.  While we platoon with each other, and run tournaments and tank company battles, we look forward to WoT's introduction of Historical Battles.  We as PZFOR look forward to participating in these upcoming battles with German tanks and tactics.

Drachim   created a new thread Why a World of fantasy Tank in tier 10? in the German Tanks forum
Derpy_Birdy1Kameraden, it hurts me deeply to say this but, i must resign from the clan, things aren't as lively as they once where and i dont think we can retake that initiative on gaining members and i also kinda cant afford to pay for our Teamspeak (which is kind of a big deal as im dirt poor pretty much) but dont let my leaving dishearten you, your all strong capable commanders and I have no doubts you will make it without me, speaking of commanders PanzerGreift is now acting CO i want you all to give him your utmost respect for his taking of this position and i want to thank the clan for all their support (literally in some cases) and hope that we can all continue our efforts of ruining ivans day, i sure as hell will be, so things as they are, i bid you farewell and i leave the fate of this clan in your capable hands- Derpy
panzerGreift   Salut Derpy
panzerGreift   Members of PZFOR . The clan officer structure has changed to reflect the clan's foundations.....Lolalty , Comradeship and the abilty to have fun. With this in mind I have appointed Drachim as Deputy Commander and Hammer as Company Commander.This clan owes a great deal to those who came before us ... the website and Teamspak required a lot of work not to mention those who had the faith to take us on in the beginning. I am proud to be a member of this clan and look forward to the days ahead. Any concerns , ideas or problems can be brought to Drachim , Hammer or myself . Long Live PZFOR !
DrachimBest arty match ever...
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panzerGreift   Amazing job Drachim ! Most kills I have ever seen anyone do in an arty..
Drachim   well, today Topgun in my Wespe...Should I stop playing other tanks ?
Derpy_Birdy1   created a new thread Did that fix it? in the Replay Booth forum
kamikaze242   joined Panzer Forces
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panzerGreift   Good to welcome another recruit to the clan. Good luck Kamikaze. Derpy deserves a big atta boy for his recruiting skills. " ATTA BOY " Derpy. We all should contiue to flog the clan to any and all German Tank enthusiests and those who enjoy the Kameraderie of platooning. We still have an opening to assist Derpy as second in command ; if anyone thinks they can contribute to our future please feel free to speak to Derpy ... also a position for recruiter is availale....please talk to Derpy or myself. Salut panzerGreift
Derpy_Birdy1alright guys i want to introduce to you another piece to our collection, hes a personal friend of mine and still a little wet behind the ears, yet that hasnt stopped him from getting a tier 9 in such a short time
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Panzer Forces has reached a new record of 20 registered users today!
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Derpy_Birdy1Alright guys, as of today (starting ......... now) i will be keeping tabs on who's active and who's not. Heed this as if you do not give prior notice to if you unable to play for over 2 weeks you will be dropped from the clan, nothing personal its just that we need to keep things organized and functional, if you do get dropped from the clan do feel free to reapply, I will neither have any issues with reapplying as it only shows that still interested, but if it becomes a habit I will have to talk to you about your future and the future of this clan, again nothing personal its just business if anyone has any questions please feel free to message me or talk to me via our Teamspeak (which if your playing tanks I would hope your using)
KommandantJäger   I won't be on for awhile, combination of traveling and trying to figure out future living plans. This is pretty standard for me though, as you may know if you remember me from when I joined the clan a year ago or so.
I'm actually currently not in the clan, I was late on the uptake when we split off from the merger with PZABT and RNG_ (I forget what username he was previously using.) wanted to do a placement interview with me. Unfortunately we must not be on the similar timeframes because I've only seen him on TS once since then!
Derpy_Birdy1this is why i cant have nice things
XxHerr_GeneralxX   Its been a while, and i appologise sincerely. My laptop is fried but im going to try my best to use my old one to get on WOT... I also still dont have internet but i hope to get that fixed. I dont know how long it may take but i really look forward to the historical battles im gonna fight with you guys. Thanks for understanding =/
Derpy_Birdy1   No problem it couldn't have been helped i just hope you can make it up to all of us by kicking so much commie ass that we will need to buy you boot polish that gets the smell of Bolsheviks out out of them ^ - ^
Derpy_Birdy1Alright, im back and for good this time sorry for any inconveniences my absence has caused and i hope nothing drastic has happened while i was gone
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