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Drive A Tank - Packages
Have you thought I want to drive a tank? Then check our Drive A Tank Packages and get in the driver's seat today!
IronCrossIVlook at this lol I need my Oak Leaves
OderusUrungus(Otis)   registered to Panzer Forces
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panzerGreiftWelcome new recruit Otisdrunk ..... you should fit with this crew ..Kameraderie and the odd carbonated malt beverage Good tanking und Ein Prosit
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HammerAdded new quick link, Statistics & Resourses
panzerGreiftThanks for all the hard work on the website and Teamspeak Hammer . We all appreciate it .
mgkpred   registered to Panzer Forces
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HammerWe had our first 7vs7 and had a blast, all members from PZFOR...... great job team!!
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HammerEveryone pls welcome mgkpred to Pzfor
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mgkpred   Howdy ho!
guntruck03   registered to Panzer Forces
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Computer crashed ...BSOD... I am reloading everything .....Hope to be back up soon
We'll I finally finished light campaign, now the proud owner of a stug 4!!!!!
E 25 's lasts days to be sold ....maybe forever
Read the motto
Great set of pics Hammer the bicycle with the panzerfaust
Promotions and Decorations
Baroness is PzFors Combat officer
Hammer has become our Deputy Commander
VonDerp has been appointed PZFOR"S Quartermaster .
7th_Panzer_Division is now PZFOR's Intelligence Officer
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