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panzerGreiftThe Panzer Forces Code of Conduct

I. Forward

Panzer Forces is a social/competitive clan. The goals are to have fun, and to do our best. It is based on the belief that to have a fun, loyal, friendly clan, you need to have a structure that works. You must have good people to run it, and you must never be pretentious or stat-based. While stats are a great way of monitoring personal progress, no one should ever feed his ego on stats.

II. Member Conduct Guidelines

Panzer Forces is an honorable organization. It's members should bring honor to the clan, and respect everyone. It is with this concept that the following rules and guidelines are set.

1. Respect Everyone: There will be no disrespect of anyone for any reason within the clan, or outside of the clan in public matches, on the forum, or in TeamSpeak. That means you must be respectful of their beliefs, orientations, and skill level. As members of Panzer Forces you should hold to your heart the fundamentals of honor, respect, and humility.

2. Friendliness: Although we encourage inter-clan play and friendships, you are by no means required to platoon with only Panzer Forces members, and we encourage you to play with friends that you know! You are absolutely free to do as you please as a member of Panzer Forces in World of Tanks. There are no restrictions from PUGing, or seeking out your friends in other clans to play with. They can even be given Friend status on our TeamSpeak if they meet the basic Friend status rules (only staff may mark someone as a Friend). One of the best ways to grow our clan is through word of mouth, and in this respect everyone is welcome to invite people to the clan in a respectful manner.

3. Real Life: Real life is more important than the virtual world; as such no one will be penalized for not showing up when expected or for unannounced absences of the duration of a week at least. However, it is requested that you post in advance should you need to go for a while - that way you will not be kicked for inactivity. We do purge those that do not log in for more than three weeks, in order to insure that the clan remains active as a whole.

4. Personnel Issues: Should you have issues with another member, please remember to follow your chain of command, using the lower officers first. If unable to resolve the issue then you can seek help up the chain. Do not bring issues directly to the Company Commander, Deputy Commander, or Commander unless a lower officer is unavailable or it involves another clan. If it involves someone within the chain of command (I.E. take it to the Commander if it involves a Deputy Commander Etc.) Immediately bring all issues up - they will be solved and resolved as soon as possible. If it is of particular sensitivity, the issue can be brought to the higher ranks.

5. Conduct: You are not to engage in team-killing, name calling, or any other conduct that could sully the name of Panzer Forces while you are a member of this clan. Anyone reported for unfair play, insulting, provocation, personal attacks, or team killing will be swiftly dealt with should there be a replay that affirms what happened. We do not tolerate this behavior.

6. Wargaming Rules: You are prohibited from breaking any of the Wargaming/World of Tanks rules set forth by Wargaming/World of Tanks. Should you break a rule and be proven guilty, you will not be welcome.

III. Officer/NCO/Staff Conduct Guidelines

As an officer/NCO/Staff Member we expect more from you, and as such there are a few special conduct rules that you must follow. For while our members are honorable and show the best in the clan, you must be the shepherds and protectors of them, you must guide the new, and fulfill your duties actively as a mentor, not as an executor.

1. You are gifted a rank within the clan, and serve a commission for the Clan, the Members, and the Commander. This position is based on trust, and understanding. You must fulfill your duties to the best of your ability.

2. Assist and protect the members whenever possible, they are here for you and you are here for them
panzerGreiftWelcome to Panzer Forces all new recruits ! The clan code of conduct as well as other info can be found can be found in the forums . Teamspeak is a requirement of the clan as well as an integral part of platooning with other clan members . It is a free download , all you need is a mic .We understand this may take a while therefore recruits are given 90 days to comply. [link] is our ts address...check with an officer for the password when you are ready to go . thanks greift
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